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David Silva: “2019-2020 Season Will Be My Last At Manchester City”

Manchester City v Watford - FA Cup Final Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images

Manchester City midfielder David Silva says he will leave the club at the end of the 2019-20 season.

The Spaniard, 33, has won four Premier League titles, the FA Cup twice and the League Cup four times since joining the club in 2010, playing 395 times.

He featured in 33 Premier League games last term and scored six goals as Pep Guardiola’s steam retained the title.

Confirrmed by variois outlets and reports he was asked if he would stay beyond next season, Silva said: “No, this is the last one.”

He added: “Ten years for me is enough. It’s the perfect time for me.

”Initially, City were talking about two years, but I decided to sign [for] another one, so I finished at 10 years.

”It completes the cycle. It’s a nice round figure. I can never see myself playing against City for another team. So 10 years - that’s it.”

There you have it, a legend will exit City next season again, joining Vincent Kompany who left this season. To me, David Silva might be the best player ever at City in terms of pure skill. Now, currently De Bruyne and Bernardo Silva could challenge that, but for now we will remmeber as one of the all time greats at City.

What are your thoughts City fans? Let us know in the comments.