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Naughty Naughty - Manchester City Tweet Sets Off Liverpool Fans

Blues Twitter Account Banter Sparks Angry Responses From Merseyside

Manchester City Teams Celebration Parade Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images

The person who runs Manchester City’s Twitter account has Kopped some abuse today as a tweet on the social media site upset supporters from the red half of Merseyside.

Responding to a tweet from Sport Bible, who innocently asked which Premier League ball was the fans favourite from the Premier League era, the treble champions account cheekily responded by making reference to the ball which failed to fully cross the line when City met Liverpool at the Etihad in January

Suffice to say that this was seen as pure banter, it was met with plethora of responses, not only from Liverpool fans, accusing City of the usual stuff - no fans, never won the Champions League, oil, small club - but also prompted an article in the Liverpool Echo. The paper incorrectly claimed that VAR actually ruled out the goal (obviously forgetting that VAR wasn’t used for Premier League matches), before finishing the article by saying “The Reds may have missed out on the Premier League title, but there’s no doubt Pep Guardiola would have been jealous watching Klopp and his players lift the Champions League in June - a competition City are desperate to win.”

Jealous? Hmmm…we’ll take three trophies and the treble* over one any day.

Just a bit of fun guys, no need to take it so seriously.

*Apparently winning the treble must include the Champions League or it is just a treble. Who makes these rules up?