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Manchester City Crush Watford 6-0, Win FA Cup: Reaction & Tweets

Pep and his team complete a fantastic season.

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Manchester City v Watford - FA Cup Final Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Manchester City have won the 2019 FA Cup. Crushing a game Watford. The team now claims the trophies of all four available trophies in England. Champions of the Premier League, Community Shield, EFL Cup and now FA Cup.

Pep Guardiola’s side completed the unprecedented accomplishment with a stunning 6-0 win over Watford at Wembley, a week after securing our second-consecutive Premier League title.

It’s been a truly memorable and phenomenal season.

On to the reaction:

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“It was an incredible final,” he said.

“We have finished an incredible year. To all the people at the club a big congratulations, especially the players because they are the reason why we have won these titles.

“It’s not been done before in this country. One team is going to do it again, because if we were able to do that then another team can do it.

“But we were the first.”

“To have gone ten months in all competitions and be the first team to do that is incredible. It means we have been consistent every three days.

“I love the Champions League but it is more difficult to do what we have done than to win the Champions League.

”It’s not easy being there every three days. We lacked a little bit of energy but it’s normal. It’s been so tough this week.

”We could not have had more energy but we kept it at the right time.”

“In the final these kind of things make the difference,” he added.

“Ederson saved us at a key point at the beginning of the game, because 1-0 would have been really difficult for us.”

“Raheem made an incredible season,” the manager hailed. “He had no injuries and physically, he was so strong. He is a huge competitor.

”The reason why we have done what we have done is Raheem but in the first half, he was not so good. He made actions where he should have been quicker and he didn’t pass the ball... You have to push to be better - that’s the only way.

”Because I was a player, I know that the players deserve the recognition but we are here to push them. When the game starts, they are the reason.”

“We have to. Always you can improve. There is no sense to stay still.

”There are movements in the middle - mistakes (that can be improved). During the game, some mistakes are repeated. Some players have to improve that.

“Maybe there will be a few coming to try to be involved in the way we play. We have to remember: we won the Premier League by one point from Liverpool. We are not in a position to be relaxed.

”Liverpool showed us the standard we have to face. Always in a game situation, you can improve - but I am satisfied!”

”This season, we came from the previous season of 100 points and the Carabao Cup and we still did it. You just have to do it.

”We know each other better and we know our standards. We can’t think too much about winning four titles in one season - it’s incredible but we must not think about how many.

”We’ll come back from the summer, when some players have the Nations League and the Copa America and we don’t know how they’ll come back - like this season with the World Cup - and take things game by game.

”We’ll prepare well and we will see, but now we are not able to think about the future.

”Of course, we don’t have to forget what we have achieved. The standard is incredible - 100 points last season and 98 this season, and we won all titles apart from the Champions League.

”Thank you so much to everybody for their incredible commitment and for following us and what we believe in.”

Raheem Sterling Reaction

“I grew up here and saw this stadium get built. It’s a massive dream come true to be on this field win trophies here,” said Sterling.

“It shows what the manager is building here.

”The boys did brilliant. My goals added to the win. It was brilliant from everyone.

“At the start of the season he said we needed to get the mentality right and let’s go for the Premier League we did that and did it exceptionally well.

“Credit to the boys to have been mentally switched on form the word go.

”It’s been a long season with the World Cup as well but everyone has been focused and on their A-game and come through.”

Notable Tweets