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Manchester City, Premier League Champions: Reactions & Tweets

Pep and his men retain the Premier League Title!

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Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Manchester City have been crowned Premier League champions for the second consecutive season after a 4-1 win over Brighton on Sunday.

It means City are the first side in a decade to win successive titles having won the trophy last year with a record 100 points.

Manchester City finish the 2018-19 with a remarkable 98 points meaning we have dropped just 30 points in two years of Premier League football. In two years the squad has amassed 198 points!

City scored 95 goals and conceded just 23.


On to the reaction:

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“I think first we have to say congratulations Liverpool as well - and thank you of course - because they helped us to push and improve our standard from last season,” said Pep.

“To compete with this side, this team, we should do what we have done, so incredible, 198 points since we started two seasons ago here, and we finished here this season, made back-to-back – it has been an incredible season for us.

“I think last season we made their standard higher, and Liverpool have helped us being there all the time.

“To win the title we’ve won 14 games in a row, in three months where we couldn’t lose one point, and we did while playing all competitions to the end, it’s incredible to do that.

“After the gap went to seven points we thought ‘OK we have to be calm, the Premier League is long’ - but honestly, seven points with this Liverpool playing the way they have this season, of course we talk about going game by game, but it was really difficult.

“I think it’s not just my feeling, it’s the feeling of the team and the Club, the players and the staff, this is the toughest Premier League title win that we have won, in my career by far.

“We don’t have one player to make the difference, to score 50 goals - we have to do it as a team, and I remember for example when Kyle was not so good Danilo helped us for example, so that is the secret, we push each other and I push myself, it’s the only way.

“Next season will be tougher, but we’ll be stronger too, so I think this when you win two in a row in this country you have done really, really well, that is the reality, and I have the feeling next season, looking back we will try to be who we are now.”

Ilkay Gundogan Reaction

“In many ways it feels even better,” said Ilkay.

”It was so tight all the way, but now is the time to enjoy it with our supporters.

”We thought we had lost the title after we lost at Newcastle and could have gone 10 points behind, but then Liverpool drew and we thought we still had a chance.”

Vincent Kompany Reaction

“It was the hardest and most satisfying Premier League title win ever,” smiled Kompany.

“Liverpool were exceptional this year and I don’t mean to rub it in – it is what it is – they didn’t deserve to be second this year, but it only makes me that much more happy that we’ve been up against such a good team and when our backs were against the wall we kept finding the results.

“We won at the Etihad against Liverpool and I think that made the difference and once we got our noses in front, we were able to stay in front – I’m so happy for myself, the team and our fans.”

“I wasn’t aware,” he said. “I did hear the Brighton fans singing ‘1-0 to the Liverpool’ and then we fell behind, but we’ve done it before, and we stayed calm.

“We were finding the gaps and the space and though the pitch was slow, we felt we did everything we needed to do and were magnificent.

“This title is a combination of the staff, the group of players we have and the desire we have to over-achieve and it’s hard to over-achieve with a team as good as we have.

“It wasn’t just the way we won – we had so many clean sheets on the run-in – it was ridiculous – and won our last 14 games.

“I’m so proud of the guys because when we had to dig deep and defend and win 1-0, we did it again and again.

“We’re looking forward to the FA Cup final now – what we are doing is unprecedented – and we are just thinking about the game against Watford, now.”

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