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Manchester City Win 1-0 Over Brighton, On to FA Cup Final: Reaction & Tweets

Pep and his men on to another final.

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Manchester City v Brighton and Hove Albion - FA Cup Semi Final Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

The quest for the ever elusive quadruple gained steam Saturday as Manchester City will contest the FA Cup final in May after a 1-0 victory over Brighton at Wembley.

Gabriel Jesus scored the only goal of the game as City made it 22 wins from the last 23 games.

A solid game and win. On to the reaction:

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“We extend our season by one more week and we are happy for that.

“For the first ten or 15 minutes of the second half, we were worried. After that, no.

“They are dangerous. It was tough. It’s a semi-final; they are incredible defensively; well-organised and we knew that set-pieces were huge for them. We didn’t concede too many – just one dangerous situation.

“We are happy to be in the Final, after winning two titles this season. We are now in the Final of the other and in the other two competitions, we are there.

“It’s almost impossible to win the Quadruple. Surviving is a miracle and it’s nice to be there.

“My opinion is that nobody has done it so why can we do it? It is almost impossible to achieve everything – that is the truth.

“We are losing players every game with tiredness or injuries but still we will try to do it. It’s incredible what these players have done so far, and we are going to try and win every game until the end.

“Today, we didn’t ‘conserve energy’. If it’s 3-0 of 4-0, then fine – but this was absolutely open until the referee said it was the end.

“When you achieve 100 points, you cannot repeat that. The following season, there is a tendency to be arrogant but we are still there.

“No team can perform fantastically for every single game. Sir Alex Ferguson won the treble with United and not every game was like that. It doesn’t work in that way.

“The important thing is that we have won two titles this season and we are second in the Premier League. We did it.

”I first have to live (winning the FA Cup) before I can tell you how it will feel for me personally!

”I don’t know what condition we will arrive to the Final in but we are happy to be there.”

Gabriel Jesus Reaction

“I am so happy because we are in another final,” he told CityTV. “The Club is big and now I am so happy because we go to the pitch again and we won the game, it’s important.

”I am happy because I want to go to the pitch and score every game. Sometimes I can’t do that but I am so happy when we win this game, it was so hard. Brighton were good at set pieces and long balls. It’s hard.”

Notable Tweets

Up next for Manchester City is another trip to London for the Champions League Quarter Finals match with Tottenham. See you then!