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10 Man Manchester City Win in Germany, Best Schalke, 3-2: Reaction & Tweets

Blues come from behind to win in Germany

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What. A. Game.

Ten-man City fought back and earned a stunning victory to beat Schalke 3-2 in the Champions League Round of 16.

The Centurions took a quick lead through Sergio Aguero’s 24th goal of the season and seemed to be charting to victory until the hosts struck back with two penalties before the break. Whether they were or were not called fairly at the half it was 2-1 Schalke.

Then to make matters more intense. City lost Nicolas Otamendi for a second booking foul midway through the second half. City fought back valiantly with two late goals, the first a magnificent free-kick from Leroy Sane and the winner at 90 minutes of a clever finish from Raheem Sterling.

On to the Reaction....

Pep Guardiola Reaction

“To go away and score three goals, plus the way we started; the way we finished, the way we reacted at half time... so I am more than delighted with this win.

”But it’s not enough in this competition. We gave them first goal, we gave them the second and the red card.

“I am a big fan of VAR. It’s a penalty. The second one is a penalty too. Offside too. And the red card can be a red card.

“The result is good, but it’s not over. Hopefully our fans can help us in the second leg and hopefully we can improve.“

”We need to improve. We are a nice team to watch. I don’t know how far we can get, but we are nice to watch. I know because I was living here, and I remember as a player, how difficult it is to play in Germany.

”Always it’s tough. We gave them opportunities to be in the game ad we have to improve.”

Leroy Sane Reaction

“We knew it would be a tough game here, like it always is in the Champions League,” said Sane.

“In the end, we did it. We scored three goals away from home and that was the most important thing, to score goals away. Now, we’ll see what happens in the return.

“We were well aware of how difficult this would be. When Pep prepared the game, he already said we have to be careful.

“Schalke are a really tough team and it is a tough atmosphere and a tough stadium to come to.

“The Schalke fans are really loud and good; they push the team. We knew it would be tough.

“But we never give up. We always want to keep going, keep fighting. We know what kind of quality we have in the team.

“We know we will get chances. We have to wait for our chances and score goals and we did that today. It was not our best game, but we won and scored three away goals.”

Notable Tweets

Next up for Manchester City is the Caraboa Cup final this Sunday at Wembley!

See you then!