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Cushing: Delighted with Beckie Play

City manager spoke about the star player

Manchester City v West Ham United - FA Women’s Super League - Academy Stadium Photo by Martin Rickett/PA Images via Getty Images

Manchester City have found a literal star Janine Beckie.

The Canadian international has played in every Women’s Super League match so far this season.

The 25-year-old has starred in the first half of the season and despite being a natural winger, she has been used by Cushing as a full-back on multiple occasions.

Cushing on her versatility-

“The good thing about Janine is she wants to learn,” said Cushing. “We asked her to do a role for the team and play as a right-back rather than a right winger, but that we would adjust the tactics to make sure she had the ability to be offensive.

“If the team dominates the game and push the opposition back, then we get her playing like a winger. If we don’t, we have to hope she can do a job at full-back.

“The best of Janine is she is willing to do it,” Cushing continued. “She is someone I thoroughly enjoy working with because she wants to learn, and we go out on the training pitch and work hard.”

Cushing on other players/league thus far-

“We’ve had that all season. White and Bremer are pushing each other,” he said. “When one scores the other one scores.

“Stanway and Wullaert have been playing in that position off the striker and they’ve both been consistently scoring. Lauren Hemp’s contributing with goals and we’ve also had Steph Houghton and Gemma Bonner scoring.

“It shows we’ve got goals in the team,” he admitted. “Maybe my job is to push Stanway and Wullaert or Bremer and White to start adding two and three goals to their game.”