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Have Manchester City Really Dropped Too Many Points Already?

Blues Eight Points Behind Liverpool In Race For Title

Manchester City v Wolverhampton Wanderers - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Manchester City’s attempt to win a third straight Premier League title is apparently already on the rails. Just eight games in and 90 points left to play for, apparently according to some, City may as well adorn the trophy in red ribbons and send it in a battered bus along the M62.

The blues currently lie eight points behind leaders Liverpool, who have won all eight of their opening fixtures, while City have dropped seven points, following surprise defeats at Norwich and at home to Wolves, while a disallowed Gabriel Jesus meant the blues were held to a draw by Spurs.

With Liverpool’s blistering start, the question is, have Manchester City dropped too many points already?

The opinion of City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan is yes, who says the blues have dropped too many points this season. “We need to fix our situation and drop as few points as possible,” the German international has said.

“It’s not that easy to take these things and see your biggest rival win all the time, with things that you can’t control. We’re the side that have struggled quite a bit more and they have continued better. That’s a fact we want to change.”

Is Gundogan right? Have City really dropped too many points already?

There are some on social media that have already thrown in the towel, claiming the title is gone. It’s true that Liverpool are the form team at the moment, and let’s put it this way, if they were to win every league game this season, not even the most die-hard of blues would deny they would be worthy champions.

They have also had the benefit of minimal injuries. Goalkeeper Allison has been out injured, however the core of the team has made his absence barely noticeable. Should van Dijk or Mane get injured, they will suffer in the same way City have with the absence of Stones, Laporte, de Bruyne and Sane.

But the fact is that Liverpool will drop points at some stage and somewhere along the line, they may suffer an injury or two and City need to be in a position to take advantage. The blues are only eight points behind in October – I’d be more concerned if it was April to be honest. The reds may well go through a sticky patch and in reality, eight points is nothing; 2012, 2014 and 2019 is a testament to that.

There’s no need for City to panic, and in turn the fans should be patient. Opponents are finding a way right now, just as they will do to Liverpool.

Before we hand the trophy over, let’s see where we are in six months.