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Opinion: Sterling Wanting More Money Isn’t A Big Deal

But Should Blues Give Him A New Contract Or Let Him Walk?

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New Contract Or Let Him Walk?
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On Saturday, it was reported Raheem Sterling wants to stay with Manchester City but wanted to earn a £300,000-a-week contract. Some fans have started to panic about losing a great player but some have also turned on him. I’m here to calm some nerves about this dispute. There can be cases made for both outcomes of this situation and in my opinion, neither are awful but both have some consequences.

Give Sterling A New Contract

Sterling wants to be paid what Aguero and Kevin De Bruyne are being paid and I see no problem with that. He recognizes his worth and recognizes how short a footballing career is and wants to make his money. He averaged 1 G+A per 90 minutes during the 2017/18 Premier League Campaign and is young so why wouldn’t you pay him? Some have cited finishing and some have cited us having Mahrez but in my opinion it’s the precedent it sets.

Manchester City v Huddersfield Town - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

If you sign Sterling who may or may not be one of your top 5 players to the contract of your two best players, you are asking for other players to do the same. David Silva is one of our top 3 players but he only makes £220,000-a-week. I don’t think David is the type of player to do this but he could end up asking for another contract. John Stones is another great player for City who is making much less. He could ask for an updated contract with that much money and you could end up having to spend a ton of money on wages.

Let Sterling Walk

AFC Bournemouth v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Sterling was the only player in the 2017/18 Premier League season to register 10+ goals and assists as he scored 18 goals and had 11 assists while also helping us with many late winners. A player like that who has still yet to find his composure in the box is a dream for most teams. Add on to that Sterling’s dribbling ability, blistering pace and his young age and you wonder why City haven’t given Sterling what he wants. I think part of it is Mahrez but I think another part of it is the precedent it sets despite the board having enough money.

What Will Happen?

I think Manchester City will eventually pay him but I’m torn on what I want City to do. If you pay him, you maintain a wonderful young player but also set a precedent for this kind of stuff. If you don’t pay him you lose a wonderful player but you can sell him and buy another young winger and you still have Mahrez. Either way, I trust Pep and the board to make the right decision!