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Amazon Prime’s All or Nothing: Manchester City Is Amazing, Go Watch It!

Amazon’s and Manchester City’s partnership is a smashing success.

Arsenal FC v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Thursday in the UK and today in America, Amazon released all eight episodes of their latest All Or Nothing series, that focuses on Premier League team Manchester City, during their record-breaking 2017-18 Premier League championship season.

A fine showing that has received all the plaudits from fans and media critics alike. Case in point, Media review/watchdog site, Awful Announcing, had this to say about the series:

After watching the whole series (the first four throughout this week, courtesy of a screener from Amazon, and the second four immediately after their release on Prime Video), I can confidently say that Amazon has set the bar incredibly high for any future behind the scenes documentary series, and it may be impossible for any outlet or team to clear that bar.

This edition of All or Nothing gives fans a level of access that they never could have dreamed of, especially in the notoriously secretive world of top flight European soccer. Amazon’s cameras were granted access to Manchester City’s team talks, locker room, meeting rooms, and training facilities.

The series has everything a City fan could hope for and to be honest, any Football fan can appreciate. One of my favorite scenes involves Manager Pep Guardiola berating the players with expletives after going in to the break level with Chelsea, when City was 15 points clear on the top of the table! Another scene I enjoyed was Fabian Delph when he storms back into the dressing room, yelling, cursing, and slamming doors, that really showed us how much he cares about the club, his teammates and especially fans.

The series also featured heavy transfer talk with an incredible amount of detail into Aymeric Laporte’s mid season transfer from Athletic Bilbao. It also delved in to the Virgil Van Dijk saga where the City board scoffed at the 75 Million Pounds price set by Southampton.

Other than that some of the great stars of the series are Benjamin Mendy with his colorful self beaming on television. Another star was David Silva , as the series showed some of what he went through when his child was gravely ill.

This series just provided some great access and look at the players and the entire team really, that is really refreshing and reminds us that they are human, too.

Some surprise stars were City assistant Mikel Arteta who had some good lines in the series and was fairly entertaining. As well as, the assistant kitman, Brandon Ashton, who provided some high comic relief and being just a lovable guy.

Amazon really caught lightning in a bottle with this one.

City provided great material and oh yeah, broke a record, being the first team ever to get to 100 points!

Premier League champions, Caraboa Cup champions and Centurions.

C’mon City!!!

Have you seen the series? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.