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Transfer News: Is Pjanic A Target?

Conflicting Reports On Interest For Midfielder

For the good part of a month, Juventus midfielder Miralem Pjanic has been linked with a move to Manchester City. Ever since the fallout from Jorginho, who recently signed with Chelsea, City have been linked with a few “plan c” options, if you can even call it that, at midfield.

From the local reporters, specifically from the Manchester Evening News, by all accounts City have no interest in pursuing another option in midfield, with Pep Guardiola comfortable with what he has in house already.

Outside of Manchester, transfer rumors are still running rampant, with Pjanic of Juventus and Kovacic of Real Madrid hot on Manchester City’s radar. According to the latest rumors, specifically from Gianluca De Marizo of Sky Sports in Italy, who happens to be “in the know” on everything Italian, Pjanic has been offered up by his new agent Fali Ramadani to Man City. According to these reports, City have even put an offer on the table for his services. Contrary to these reports, Juventus have apparently slapped a £89 million price tag on Pjanic, which would likely scare off City and any other suitor for his services. On top of all that, adding Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus’s already stacked roster, might tempt him or any other player away from leaving, given the potential impact Ronaldo will have on Juventus’s trophy pursuit this season.

Yet still, multiple outlets suggest that City are in for Pjanic, and that Pep Guardiola rates the player highly. According to the Metro, Pep has even had phone conversations with Pjanic himself to try and lure the player to Man City.

Mateo Kovacic of Real Madrid has apparently handed in a transfer request in pursuit of regular playing time. City have been linked for months to Kovacic, who could be available if his £50 million release clause is met.

Like all transfer rumors, take this with a grain of salt. By all accounts, Manchester City are prepared to enter to 2018/2019 season with what they have. While it might disappoint some fans, City are an extremely talented and deep squad that likely will be contending for multiple trophies this year. Lets also not forget we added Riyad Mahrez as well.

If you were asking me, Pjanic isnt a target, hes too expensive and Juventus have too much going for them at the moment. As I have said all along, Kovacic is a great option, if City were to go that route. He would get much more playing time with us, is young and has a lot of upside.