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Manchester City and Toulouse FC in Talks to Form New Partnership

City Football Group’s New Venture Looks to be In France.

Manchester City Trophy Parade Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

City Football Group looks set to add to its ever expanding enterprise of football teams. It would add to a stable headed by Manchester City, that includes NYCFC in the U.S. and Melbourne City in Australia.

The new team in question is Toulouse FC from France who on Monday at a press conference, the club’s president Olivier Sadran said negotiations were underway with an industrial partner (likely Etihad) and ‘big European club’.

“We are working on a capital increase plan to give more resources to the club,” said Sadran. “With an industrial partner that brings added value… through a partnership with a big European club!

“This partnership will allow us to have more skills, be more consistent, and be more efficient in the game.”

Official news seems set to be announced in September just before kick off to Ligue 1, France’s first division league.

Toulouse FC has also recently changed their crest and it bears heavy resemblance to the teams already under City Football Group. You can see the logo here, on their official Twitter account.

This addition would mean that the group is looking to expand into more competitive leagues and posibly find new players and set up new academy’s in France.

For Manchester, this would mean a new space to grow their empire.