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Manchester City Launch New Initiative, “City Matters”

New Initiative aimed at efforts to have a positive environment at games, for all fans.

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Manchester City Trophy Parade Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

City have Introduced a new strategy to combat problems faced on game day.

From the City Official Site:

Manchester City has launched a new initiative to provide fans with the opportunity to meet senior Club representatives on a quarterly basis, to discuss a wide range of issues and topics which are of importance to the Club’s wider supporter base.”

“The ‘City Matters’ network will consist of eleven voluntary members who will be appointed by the Club to represent each of the following demographic groups:

• Families & young people;

• Under 25s;

• Over 65s;

• LGBTQ fans;

• Seasoncard holders;

• Female fans;

• Disabled fans;

• Official supporters club;

• Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) fans;

• Seasonal hospitality; and

• Local residents. “

City has also focused its efforts on this being an easier way where ideas and feedback can be shared by both fan and Club representatives with a look towards introducing new initiatives.

This is a great initiative by City as they have shown they are serious about how they will treat their fans and their concerns. It’s an opening of official avenues between club and fans and that should be beneficial for all fans of the club.

That being said, I hope there is real action that comes out of this and there is improvement on all accounts when it comes to game day festivities and similar matters.

What do you think City fans? Comment below and join the conversation.