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Great News For Manchester City As Pep Signs New Contract

Manager Signs On For Another three Years

Manchester City Trophy Parade
Pep Signs On For Another Three Years
Photo by Lynne Cameron/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola has committed himself to another three years at least as manager of Manchester City.

The Spaniard, who guided City to the Premier League title, amassing 100 points along the way, has signed a new contract that will take him to 2021, making it the longest commitment he has made to any club he has previously managed.

“I am so happy and excited. It’s a pleasure to work here,” Guardiola said. “I enjoy working with our players every day and we will try to do our best together in the coming years. As a manager, you have to feel good to be with the players - and I feel good.”

City also won the League Cup in February, but fell to League One Wigan in the FA Cup and were knocked out of the Champions League by Liverpool at the quarter final stage. But the blues broke plenty of records on their way to the title, and left the trailing pack with plenty of work to do over the summer if they are to compete with the blues.

“I will focus on the desire of my players to become a better team and every day that’s what I will try to do - to improve on the pitch and improve our players. We have a young squad with an average age of 23 and we want to keep taking steps forward and maintain the levels we’ve achieved this season”

The news will come as a great relief to City, who feared the Spaniard would leave after his third year in charge. Guardiola has never stayed at either of his two previous clubs longer than three years, but crucially he has never broken a contract with either of them.