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Manchester City v Manchester United - What to Expect

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A Look Ahead to The Game That Could Seal The Title

Manchester United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

After the disappointment of Wednesday’s Champions League match at Liverpool, the blues turn their attention to Saturday’s Manchester derby as United visit the Etihad. Victory for City will seal the title with six games to go, but will it be another routine win for the blues, or a hard fought affair? Here’s an early look ahead as to what to expect.

A Response

Blues fans were quite critical of City’s performance on Wednesday night at Anfield. Despite having eleven shots throughout the game, none tested the Liverpool keeper. Manager Pep Guardiola, who has previously said he will prioritise the return leg against Liverpool over the derby, will no doubt demand a response from his team.

Aguero, Delph and Stones

City could welcome back striker Sergio Aguero, who has missed the last six games for club and country through injury, as well as Fabian Delph and John Stones. The latter two were on the bench on Wednesday, but could very well return to the starting line up on Saturday

A Large, Invisible Bus

A heavy defeat to Liverpool will be the last thing Jose Mourinho will have wanted for his opponents before Saturday’s match. The blues will already be fired up to seal the title, and the Portugese manager will want to stop them form winning it against his United side. So facing a team smarting from that loss will no doubt make him park an even larger bus than previously thought possible.


The last time these two sides met, City ran out 2-1 winners at Old Trafford. The victory was marred by Mourinho complaining that the blues celebrations were too loud and over the top, resulted in reports of flying milk cartons and water being thrown. Can we expect something similar? Maybe not on the same scale, but certainly sparks will no doubt fly at some point.

Manchester City v Manchester United – Saturday 7th