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Transfer Daily: Jorginho Wants Man City Move

Prefers City to United

Man City to swoop in for midfield duo Jorginho and Thiago? According to various reports, Jorginho “prefers a move to Man City to United”. Jorginho’s agent has recently been in Manchester discussing Jorginho to both United and City. The Napoli midfielder is high on several clubs radars and is being valued at around £65m. Meanwhile, Thiago links to City continue to persist. According to these same reports, Pep Guardiola wants both Thiago and Jorginho. Thiago has 1 year left on his contract with Bayern Munich and is being valued at £70m. Pep Guardiola wants midfielders to bolster his squad as Yaya Toure is set to leave at the end of the season, and David Silva and Fernandinho are both 32 and getting up their in age.

Will This Happen? Man City are linked with a trio of holding midfielders in Fred, Jorginho and Julian Weigl. These reports seem to change like the wind every day, with one of the targets favored one day, then the very next day, the other target is favored. Its too early to see which one of these players is the prime target, but one thing is for sure, Pep Guardiola is desperate for an heir to Fernandinho, and it is expected that a young one will be brought in to be developed and groomed to take over once Fernandinho leaves. Thiago is a Pep Guardiola favorite. City need to bolster their midfield, and Thiago can play everywhere. The rumors persist and the players contract is winding down. If Thiago isn’t going to sign a new deal, it makes sense to sell him and profit. Its possible that it happens, but it could just be rumors and connecting the dots. We will continue to monitor this situation as it unfolds.

Wilfried Zaha To Stay At Crystal Palace: After being linked with a move away to Man City, Zaha has dismissed the rumors and insists he wants to stay at Crystal Palace. Zaha, speaking to the clubs website, said,

Crystal Palace is my hometown, and the support we have here is genuine support, with families watching with their kids loving us as players, so I don’t really see myself anywhere else. I am enjoying my football here and just focused on us being a stable club and not having to listen to all the speculation about us getting relegated.

Will This Happen? Wilfried Zaha himself dismissed the rumors, so it doesnt look likely at this point that he will move way. He has been linked with not only Manchester City, but Tottenham Hotspur tried signing him last year. Zaha had a miserable time at Manchester United, and according to what he said, he prefers regular playing time than simply making a bigger clubs bench. Zaha came up through the Crystal Palace ranks, from the youth system to the first team. He has a very close relationship to the club and is one of the highest paid players on the team. If Crystal Palace avoid relegation, which it is likely, expect Wilfried Zaha to stay there. Zaha, according to reports was the back up option for City anyway, with Riyad Mahrez atop Pep Guardiola’s wish list for a winger.

Yaya Toure To Stay In England? According to the Metro, Yaya Toure is keen on staying in England once his contract with Manchester City is up at the end of the season. Toure signed a 1 year extension last summer, which included a 50 percent pay cut to stay at Manchester City. Toure was unable to make an impact, failing to register one start in the Premiere League, with all 7 of his appearances coming off the bench. Toure has made 314 appearances, scoring 82 goals in all competitions over an 8 year career with Manchester City. He is set to leave once his contract expires at the end of the season. According to these reports, Toure has an offer from an unnamed Chinese Super League team worth £500,000 a week. Monaco as well have expressed interested in the Ivorian to return to them. However, Yaya Toure is believed to be wanting to extend his stay in England and believes he still has enough left in the tank to offer a club.

Will This Happen? Possibly, but at the same time unlikely. Yaya Toure is a legend. He is one of Manchester City’s greatest players of all time. Yaya Toure’s contribution to this club helped them win their first two premier league titles. Without Yaya, City do not have the success that they have accumulated since the Sheik takeover. However, all good things must come to an end, and Yaya Toure simply isnt young anymore. Hes old, slow and the legs are gone. Watching him this year was sad at times, watching such a wonderful player age and not perform the way he used too was tough to watch. He might want to stay in England, and he could have interest from some English clubs, but its nothing significant. It will likely be with a mid tier club or lower and he will have to take another pay cut.

According to these reports, hes reluctant to take another pay cut. He’s on £140,000 a week with Man City now, which is expensive for a player who barley saw the field. Any English team he signs with, he will need to take an even bigger pay cut. Is that really worth it? If its true that Toure has a massive deal from China on the table, he should take the money. He doesn’t have much left in the tank and the english teams that might be interested in him wont offer him much success, plus less money. Toure has had an amazing career, he should walk away from England with his head held up high as a Manchester City legend. Start your retirement tour and enjoy a massive pay raise. But either way, we should wish Yaya Toure nothing but the best.