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Bitter and Blue is looking for a new manager!

Are you a Manchester City fan? Do you love to write? Do you love to write about Manchester City? You’ve come to the perfect place!

Arsenal v Manchester City - Carabao Cup Final
Do you want to be the internet’s Pep Guardiola? THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Hello! I am Renato Gonçalves, manager of Bitter and Blue, the SB Nation home for Manchester City. For the past two years, I have had the time of my life covering the Blues and making new friends here, but it’s time to move on.

With me moving on the manager position is obviously vacant, which is why this article is being written. As of right now, this site is actively looking for a new manager. Basically, you will become the Pep Guardiola of the internet, which means you’ll get to sign and manage a great group of people and you can be the guy in charge of the best damn writing team on the interwebz.

‘But what are the qualifications?’, you might ask. Well, here they are: you have to be a Manchester City fan. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan since 1999 or 2011, what matters is having a passion for the club. Also, you need to love writing. A manager doesn’t just write, but that will be the main reason why you’re managing this site. Until you’re able to recruit and train a number of people to write on a regular basis, you are in charge of producing content on a regular basis. And if you’re not a fan of producing content, then it won’t be fun for you.

It doesn’t matter your age, your gender, your religion, none of that matters. The only things that matter are your passion for Manchester City and your passion for writing about Manchester City. It’s about having a voice, your voice. It’s about your perspective and the way you look at the world. This is not a news organization; this is a site written by fans, for fans. We have a small yet AWESOME community that remains loyal and open to new people, and they’ll welcome you with open arms.

Think about this: you’ll get to watch every Manchester City game, and you’ll also get to write about every Manchester City game. You may also make a ton of great new friends, especially if you get good people to work with you. So yeah, this is pretty fun and it is something you DEFINITELY should do. But only if you love Manchester City and you love writing.

So, you interested? Feel free to reach out to me at We’ll have a nice chat and then go from there. Can’t wait to meet you, new Bitter and Blue manager!