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Three things we learned from Burnley 1-1 Manchester City

A frustrating afternoon for Pep’s men

Burnley v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Chris Brunskill Ltd/Getty Images

1 - It will take Raheem Sterling a while to get over that miss

Described as the miss of the season, Sterling’s failed attempt from a couple of yards out is the one that made the headlines. Pep Guardiola was even asked about it and replied that these things happen in football. The reality is, Manchester City missed a lot more chances throughout the game but because of who Sterling is, the headlines focused on that event. Sterling will need to bang in a few more match-winning goals before the public forget about it.

2 - Football can be a cruel game

City had double the amount of shots as Burnley did but as we have seen so many times before, that does not guarantee you the win. Nine times out of ten City win this game, but unfortunately for Guardiola this was the one. City now have to move past this and ensure they kill games that they dominate.

3 - Sending a message or not, Guardiola should have named a seventh sub

Whether it was a case of Guardiola pointing out the rough treatment his players have been receiving is not really worth debating but the manager should have named a seventh substitute. Even if the U21s did play the night before, Guardiola would have known he was likely to be one short so could have planned ahead. That player was hardly likely to feature anyway, so at least having him there to get a taste of first team atmosphere could have been a good thing.