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La Liga requests UEFA to investigate Manchester City for potential Financial Fair Play breach

City have been the biggest spenders of this window, and La Liga don’t like it

Manchester City v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

The summer transfer window is now officially over, and Manchester City once again were the top spenders in Europe. The Blues invested a reported £215 million in signings, including a £110 million-plus spent on full-backs and turning Éderson Moraes into the most expensive goalkeeper of all time.

There’s no doubt City have a huge advantage in the market thanks to the investment from Sheikh Mansour and the United Arab Emirates, and only Paris Saint-Germain are truly equipped to compete with City, which was made clear when PSG signed Barcelona superstar Neymar for 222 million euros.

Clubs around Europe have constantly mentioned how difficult it is to compete with the financial power of clubs like Man City and PSG, and the president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, has written an official request to UEFA asking them to investigate City and PSG for potential Financial Fair Play breaches.

“PSG and Man City’s funding by state-aid distorts European competitions and creates an inflationary spiral that is irreparably harming the football industry. UEFA must enforce FFP regulations to avoid discrimination among clubs.

“PSG is a habitual offender and has been violating UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations for years. It is important that UEFA doesn’t just look at the most recent player transfers, but at PSG’s history of noncompliance. The transfers are merely the result of years of financial doping at PSG.”

Source: AP

It’s interesting that La Liga are complaining about FFP having two of the most valuable and biggest spending clubs in the world, Barcelona and Real Madrid, as part of their leagues. It’s also interesting that Spanish clubs were found guilty and were ordered to repay millions of illegal subsidies from the Spanish government.

The sad truth of football is that hypocrites will accuse other hypocrites of being hypocrites, and we’ll go round and round until the end of time. It’s how it works.