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WATCH: Manchester City players react to their FIFA 18 ratings

It’s pretty funny!

The FIFA video-game series is very popular, and just among football fans. Players love it too, especially the younger ones, and the Manchester City stars found out about their Ultimate Team ratings this week.

As you can see in the video above, their reactions were mixed: Bernardo Silva and Gabriel Jesus seemed satisfied with their stats, Ilkay Gundogan wasn’t happy with his pace and Kyle Walker thinks he isn’t fast enough, and after seeing that Leroy Sané and Raheem Sterling have better pace stats than him Walker challenges the two to a 100-meter race to find out who’s the fastest.

But the star of the video, as expected, is Benjamin Mendy, who appears in crutches (which is the saddest part and really shows he’ll be out for a while) to complain once again about getting only a 78 rating. It’s pretty fair to complain about that, and Mendy makes a genius joke about it.

It’s a pretty funny video!