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Manchester City at Feyenoord: Final Score 4-0, Post-Match Reaction

You react, you rate.

Feyenoord v Manchester City - UEFA Champions League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

Manchester City made a tremendous start to the Champions League season with a fantastic 4-0 victory away to Feyenoord in the first match of the group stage. The Blues got two early goals and dominated from start to finish, scoring some good goals and easily winning their European opener with a strong performance.

Instead of giving you our player ratings, we want to know what you think. Below is a ratings form for you to fill out with how you rate each Manchester City player’s performance. After a day/night of voting, we’ll tabulate the ratings and reveal them with the player with the most votes being named our site’s Man of the Match. Feel free to head down to the comments section and leave your thoughts on the match as a whole or give your detailed explanation of your ratings.

Here's a mobile-friendly link to the form if you wish to vote via phone/tablet.