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Dani Alves chose PSG over Manchester City because of Neymar

Alves looked set to reunite with Pep Guardiola, but then the biggest transfer in history changed his mind

International Champions Cup 2017 - AS Roma v Paris Saint-Germain

Manchester Evening News has published quotes from Dani Alves in regards to the Brazilian’s recent move to Paris Saint-Germain. Alves looked set to join Manchester City this summer, but he all of a sudden decided to move to PSG in a truly shocking turn of events.

Though of little comfort to City supporters who expected Alves to rejoin Pep Guardiola in Manchester, the reasons Alves gives for choosing Paris make sense. After all, it was Neymar who convinced Dani to join him at PSG after Neymar decided to move to the French club in the most expensive transfer of all time.

"He [Neymar] recommended me to come here. He suggested that I came to the club. I said I wanted to leave Juventus, and he was thinking of coming here.”

"Neymar coming changes PSG's position for sure. It inevitable that there are expectations. His greatness brings all that.”

"There is anticipation because of the football he plays and his will to show it to the world. You take a giant step when you have a player of this level to play against the other teams. This team will get a quality leap forward."

"I chose PSG for different reasons. I consulted my family. To go to Juventus I didn't consult anyone, and that was hard for my wife. She had already lived here, she likes the city."

It is also worth noting that Alves’ wife already living in Paris most likely made his decision far easier. Add a comfortable place for his family to the fact he gest to play with his Brazilian teammate Neymar again, the choice for Alves is easy to see.

City moved on from Alves by signing Kyle Walker and Danilo, and if preseason is any indication, the Blues won’t miss Alves that much.