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Manchester City will not send Raheem Sterling to Arsenal as part of Alexis Sánchez deal

City will definitely not part ways with the young English forward

Manchester City and Arsenal are currently negotiating a deal for Alexis Sánchez, and the Gunners have asked for Raheem Sterling and cash to complete the transfer. City didn’t want to do it, but you never know with the transfer window.

But today we’ve learned that the Blues have made up their mind: Sterling will not go to Arsenal in any circumstance.

City are open to sending a player if Arsenal really want it, though. It’s hard to see Pep Guardiola willing to part ways with any of the players in the squad, but he badly wants Alexis and might look at the options if that’s the only way to go.

There’s a lot more to this story, so let’s wait for the developments. One thing’s for sure: Sterling won’t be a Gunner after Deadline Day.