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Date and kickoff time confirmed for the Jonny Evans Bowl

Manchester City and West Brom will meet in the League Cup on September 20

In between all the transfer craziness and Champions League draws over the last week, you may have forgotten that Manchester City will make their debut in the new season of the League Cup (or Carabao Cup, if you wanna call it that for some weird reason) against West Bromwich Albion at the Hawthorns.

We knew the draw for a week, but we were yet to find out when the game would happen. Now it’s official:

So Wednesday, September 20 at 8pm BST (UK) / 3pm ET, 12pm PT (USA) / 12:30am IST (India, Thursday) is the official date and time for the League Cup match between Jonny Evans’ current team and his possible future team. As of now we don’t know if Evans will play this game for the Blues or the Baggies, but we do know this game only matters because of Jonny Evans.

You have to make the League Cup interesting in the early rounds.