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Dani Alves officially joins PSG, apologizes to Manchester City

The Brazilian did snub the Sky Blues, and apparently is sorry for doing that. Right.

The tragedy is complete: Dani Alves will not be a Manchester City player and instead has joined Paris Saint-Germain on a two-year contract.

The Brazilian spoke in a press conference and was asked about the interest from City, and he confirmed it. He’s also sorry, apparently.

Now there’s one important thing: Dani Alves was offered a longer, richer deal by PSG and made a professional decision. He’s also making £230k a week, which is absolutely insane money that should not be paid to a 34-year-old full-back. Alves would be making more than Sergio Agüero and Kevin De Bruyne, and those two would definitely want more money if Dani arrived at City, which would snowball into many other key players wanting better contracts, and then we’d have a big problem.

Yes, Dani Alves was the best right-back in football last season, and yes, City now have just a few days to get two really good right-backs before the US tour instead of just getting Kyle Walker done after having announced Alves. But this is water under the bridge. Let’s just get Walker and another good right-back and move on.

Enjoy Paris, Dani.