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Thanks to the internet, we have both the best and creepiest Pep Guardiola meme of all time

This is incredible

The best part about the internet are the memes. Sure, you can research important things, watch news about important issues in the world, discuss important subject matters with your friends and people online, but nothing beats the memes. People make memes with everything, and once in a while we have some really incredible ones.

One example: City Watch tweeted an information about Bayern Munich reportedly giving up on signing Alexis Sánchez, which apparently opens the door for the Chilean to join Manchester City from Arsenal this summer.

Obviously Pep Guardiola might be really happy to learn he's very close to signing Alexis, and this tweet from user @Tecatitooo is just perfect:

We really hope this meme catches on. This creepy smile by Guardiola in a random interview can be used in any situation, and we want to thank the internet for coming up with it. Forget politics, the memes are awesome.