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New leaks confirm Manchester City's kits for next season

And they look REALLY good

The season is coming to an end, so obviously we get a ton of transfer rumors, but we also get something else that's really exciting: KIT LEAKS! All the clubs "accidentally" release their new uniforms around this time, and it's no different with Manchester City.

The photo shows City's home and away shirts for next season, and it's very clear they look very good. There is no difference in the color of the shoulders as we have with this season's kits, plus the white shorts and sky blue socks will return in next season's home kit.

The away shirt looks a little weird, but the great Jonathan Smith reminded us that maroon/claret is quite a classic City color:

Personally speaking, I really liked it. It's much better than the black one we had this season, and it's actually part of the history of the club. Sure, the away kit is just a sky blue shoulder away from being a West Ham United kit, but that's not the case and they look awesome. YES, THEY DO. THEY DO. STOP. THEY DO.

We should get official confirmation from the club soon, but we can confidently say City will dress up in really good looking kits next season. Never thought I'd say this, but well done, Nike!

(Now I'm waiting for our horrible third kit because, well, this is Nike.)