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Ilkay Gundogan spends vacation working hard on Manchester City comeback

What a man!

The football season is over, and the footballers who aren't internationals are now on vacation. The phrase "some players are probably on the beach" is thrown around quite a lot in the final games of the season, but that is true now.

Unless that player is Manchester City midfielder Ilkay Gundogan, who chose to spend his vacation time working hard to make a comeback.

Gundogan suffered a full tear of the anterior crucial ligament in his right knee during a Premier League match against Watford last Novemeber, and the German has been doing off-pitch work ever since.

He's back at shooting balls and being on the pitch now, and he should be ready for the United States preseason tour, which is obviously amazing news. Gundogan really played amazing football before his injury, and hopefully he'll come back to that level.

Keep working hard, Ilkay! We're supporting you!