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OFFICIAL: Manchester City legend Pablo Zabaleta joins West Ham United

Good luck, Zaba!

Pablo Zabaleta said goodbye to Manchester City two weeks ago, and things have moved quickly for the club legend, who has agreed a deal to stay in the Premier League.

Zabaleta will play for West Ham United for the next two seasons and will continue to use the number 5 shirt he's used at City for nine years. The Argentine will officially join the Hammers on July 1, and even at the age of 32 he might just be the right-back West Ham need.

Pablo spoke to the Hammers' website about joining his new club:

“This is an absolute pleasure to be part of West Ham United Football Club. hope I can give you good moments. Of course, I come to the Club to enjoy myself and hopefully we can have a very successful time.

“Sometimes a new challenge is all you need as a person and as a player. I thought my time at City was done. It’s been a fantastic nine years, absolutely brilliant.

“Manchester City gave me the opportunity to come to this wonderful league, the Premier League, something I’ve been enjoying a lot as a player and of course for me it was probably the right time to move on.

“Also, as a player, I thought I wanted to keep playing in the Premier League. For me, after being in this country for so long, this is a new challenge for me in the Premier League and I’m ready for it and looking forward to it.”

Good luck, Zaba! Keep being an awesome warrior for the Hammers!