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Premier League 2017: Three things we learned from Watford 0-5 Manchester City

City tormented Watford to clinch third place in the Premier League.

Watford v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Ian Walton/Getty Images

The scoreline says it all. With swift, confident football, Manchester City finished the season with a destruction of Watford and a string of intimidating wins that will leave many opponents anxious over the summer.

1 - End to End

Vincent Kompany's strength at both ends of the pitch, with 3 goals in seven games and a huge influence on City’s back line, has been crucial for the Sky Blues.

As the captain has settled into the squad (along with the return of Gabriel Jesus), other members of the team have grown and gained real consistency to defend with more focus and attack with more assurance.

Missed chances from a number of Blues this season will have to be addressed but the last games of the season showed definite improvements.

2 - Hassling Watford

The Blues swarmed Watford with pace and skill to create quick attacks.

When Watford gained possession, City made it clear that they have improved their defensive approach. Wingers peeled back, defenders marked tight, and midfielders attacked the ball to close passing lanes.

Surrounded with pressure, Watford couldn’t connect and City swept up the ball to attack, time and time again.

3 - Comprehensive Passion

Sergio Agüero’s shift into deeper positions to draw defenders and set up others has not distracted him from the team’s need to gain strength in attacking. The Argentinian scored 33 goals this season and helped push the club toward a respectable league finish.

Fernandinho’s goal is a testament to the versatility of the squad. As he has honed his defensive capabilities, he has not lost his deftness of touch or his desire to push forward.

City’s midfield masters (David Silva, Kevin De Bruyne, Yaya Touré) are instrumental in nearly every move that the team makes. Even when they don’t score, their defensive performances and passing insights make City capable of achieving their domestic and continental dreams.

The sight of Gabriel Jesus rounding the back of the net with the club’s badge between his teeth can only make City fans anxious for what the club can produce in the near future.

His goal was the fifth of the day. It capped off a brilliant performance of City’s veterans leading a squad where youth and innovation have begun to show a bright horizon of greater success.

One can only imagine that a few other young, elite, and motivated players would love to share in Jesus’ love for the club alongside Kevin De Bruyne, Leroy Sané, and the growing cast of City legends.

Next season can't come soon enough.