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Manchester City vs. Leicester City, Premier League: What to Watch

Can City subdue the feisty Foxes?

Manchester City v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

Manchester City’s amazing result against Crystal Palace will be hard to replicate against Leicester City. After a good run in the Champions League and an upswing in their Premier League form, the Foxes have looked much more like England’s defending champions.

Here are three things to watch for ahead of Saturday's match:

1 - Vardy and Co.

Leicester handed the Sky Blues one of their most humiliating losses of the season last November. It was the first time that the Foxes were able to execute their title-winning tactics.

City were cut open by Jamie Vardy’s runs as Pep Guardiola’s men leaned too far toward their front foot.

The Blues’ ability to manage the entire pitch has improved since that humbling loss at the King Power Stadium. Leicester have also improved in a major way. Spectators can expect a hard-fought, tumultuous game.

2 - Total Football

City’s advantage lies in the mode of energy, inter-dependency, and wide-spread skill that is being honed across the team.

The win against Palace was a great display of defenders scoring, wingers defending, midfielders applying pressure in both directions, and a complete collective game.

The City Project is centered on tackling any type of opponent with the same weapon — holding the ball and scoring often. Leicester represent a much different approach that has made teams like City and Barcelona look vulnerable. These are the problems that Pep Guardiola wants to solve.

3 - More from everyone

In the tradition of excellent coaches across any sport, Pep Guardiola wants more from each of his most famed and talented stars.

Raheem Sterling has had a great season of taking on opponents and creating chances for others. He needs to score more for himself, though.

Kevin De Bruyne has (relatively quietly) became a master of the transition. His touch — whether receiving, dishing, crossing, whatever — is almost always perfect. He has hit the post more than he has scored. Many of his chances would have changed the outcome of a few games this season.

Sergio Agüero has scored an incredible number of goals. Still, the team needs more from their top scorer.

The list goes on — from Gabriel Jesus to David Silva, Yaya Touré to Fernandinho. To defeat Leicester and begin building for their next campaign, City need the talent of their squad to rally for a few outstanding wins.