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Manchester City 3-1 Hull City, 2017 Premier League: 3 Things We Learned

An energetic display against the Tigers proved that the Sky Blues can attack at the highest level.

Manchester City v Hull City - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Manchester City kept pace with the rest of the top four with a superb performance and victory against Hull City at the Etihad.

Here are three things we learned:

1 - Clear shots on target

Scoring chances were created early and often by penetrative runs from City’s forwards. From the start of the match, the entire team worked relentlessly to open space on the wings and work the ball forward.

As a result, multiple players were able to get open space in the box and directly challenge Hull’s keeper. This has been relatively difficult for the Blues, who have been stifled by a crowded approach to the final-third and a lack of supreme creativity.

Raheem Sterling has continued to lead the team with his skills and playmaking abilities. His teammates have set up shots and assists with growing intensity, but Sterling and Leroy Sané have validated Pep’s winger-philosophy with ease.

2 - Constant Progress

The development we’ve seen over the course of this season will only continue. The players have reacted very well to disappointing results and have fought game after game to improve their methods and results.

With the end of the season in sight, motivation should continue to spread in order to leave the dark days of the fall and winter as distant memories.

Although they gave up a late goal, the Blues kept pressuring the Tigers in order to keep the game in City’s favor. Pep Guardiola will have a number of reasons for why Hull should have been kept away from the net, but given that the defense has progressed immensely in 2017 and the Blues still came away with three points, the goal conceded can be addressed without excessive stress.

3 - Deep Pockets

Fabian Delph’s goal and Jesus Navas’ role at right-back has proven that City currently possesses well-rounded footballers that could potentially live up to Pep Guardiola’s expectations.

The fact that many players will likely leave the Blue side of Manchester in the summer means that the players coming in will be absolutely top-notch.

With strong performances from the depths of the bench, City will be able to get excellent deals for any exiting players, which could be used to make financial space for a few of the worlds’ best to join the City ranks.

City have to fight Arsenal for a spot in the FA Cup final and the final stretch of the Premier League season will not be easy. With focused eyes and quick feet City should be able to reap a few rewards and at least build confidence as the season winds down.