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This Manchester City goal against Hull is Pep Guardiola football at its most spectacular best

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Truly world-class. Passing, skill, goal. Gorgeous.

Watch it first. We'll talk about it afterwards.

When Pep Guardiola came to England, this is what he wanted to produce at Manchester City. This was his idea from day one. A goal created by all eleven players on the pitch passing the ball to each other until they found a space. If they couldn't get up the pitch quickly, no problem: pass it back to Claudio Bravo.

The Chilean's distribution is the shining aspect of this goal, as his ability to see the whole pitch and make the accurate decisions create spaces for the rest of the team. Yaya Touré and David Silva touch the ball the most here, which is the perfect scenario. And then, by patiently building up the play from the back, City get to where they want: the final third, when the quick and skilled forwards will make the goal happen.

Raheem Sterling picks up the ball, runs through the Hull defenders and puts in a great low cross, that deflects off goalkeeper Eldin Jakupovic and reaches Sergio Agüero, who's a natural goalscorer and smartly finishes the play to double City's lead.

Guardiola is proud of this goal, and when City are good enough to produce this type of football consistently, they'll be a force to be reckoned with — in England and Europe.

In Pep We Trust.