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Pep Guardiola, Manchester City players react to Man Utd draw

Not too happy, but not too sad.

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Manchester City tried everything they could, but failed to beat Manchester United and Thursday's Derby ended in a quite frustrating 0-0 draw. City had possession and very good chances, but United's parked bus and City's poor finishing saw the game end goalless.

After the match, a few City players took to social media to react to the result, and Pep Guardiola spoke to the press to give his take on what happened in the Derby.

Here's a recap of the reactions from the City camp:


“I’m pretty sure United came here to win the game because I’ve never met an opponent who wouldn’t want this result.

“We tried to have the ball and attack like we have tried to do all season. Today it was much harder against a team who haven’t lost in 23 - it was not easy but we tried. It’s one point and the fight keeps going.

“In my career I have come across many different styles. I am going to be respectable for my opponent’s style. We did absolutely everything to win and tonight it wasn’t enough.

“The better result, of course, would have been to win the game. We have five games left, three at home and two away and we have to keep fighting.

“Leicester and Crystal Palace will not be easy - you’ve seen what they have done against Arsenal and Liverpool.

“We are going to try the way we have played tonight - creating many chances to score goals and hopefully we can qualify for Champions League.

Source: ManCity