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Manchester City vs. Manchester United, Premier League 2017: Final Score 0-0, Post-Match Reaction

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Manchester City v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Manchester City tried a lot, but Manchester United parked the bus, José Mourinho got a 0-0 draw and will get to complain about the referee after the game. Probably the perfect night for José.

On to the post-match thoughts...

  • Thought Number One: Ander Herrera is really annoying.
  • Thought Number Two: Ander Herrera is, like, REALLY annoying.
  • On to the game: City dominated the first half, Sergio Agüero should have scored early and really tried to make up for that miss. Six shots from him, 10 from the team.
  • Second half was much of the same. City well on top, United parked two buses and all of City' shots went just over the bar or just wide.
  • Marouane Fellaini's red card helped Guardiola finally make up his mind and bring Gabriel Jesus on for the final minutes. The boy tried, and even got the winner, but he was offside.
  • What a frustrating draw this is. But we were the better team and tried really hard until the end. Just wasn't our night. We are in third place with a game in hand over Liverpool, though. Great news.