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This compilation of City's best goals in the Manchester Derby is amazing

Now THAT is a reason to get excited for Thursday's match

The Manchester Derby takes place this Thursday, and Manchester City and Manchester United really need three points in this game if they want to get a top-four finish in the Premier League this season.

These two teams have played each other many times over the years, and while United have been the bigger club historically, City always made things tough for them, and in the last few years have rivaled the Red Devils for size and importance. And there have been some amazing goals scored in the Manchester Deby too.

The video above shows some of City's best and most important Derby goals since 1969. Some City legends are in full display: Colin Bell, Sergio Agüero, Yaya Touré, Vincent Kompany, Carlos Tevez, Pablo Zabaleta, Edin Dzeko, Mario Balotelli... And even some forgotten names like Craig Bellamy and Geovanni, who scored a ridiculous goal with the outside of his foot.

Enjoy and get ready for Thursday's Derby. Maybe that one will have a classic goal or two.