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Pep Guardiola doesn't deny interest in Alexis Sánchez, so we're freaking out

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#AnnounceAlexis then?

Manchester City v Arsenal  - Premier League Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

The unstoppable rumors of Manchester City's interest in Arsenal superstar Alexis Sánchez have become increasingly stronger, and it really seems like there's a big chance the Chilean will be moving to the Etihad this summer.

The rumors started early in the week, and because Pep Guardiola didn't speak until Thursday's press conference, we had to wait four days to get a response from the manager. The Catalan is usually pretty quick at shutting down stupid rumors, and that's what was expected once he was asked about the Alexis rumors.


Pep didn't deny nor confirm the rumors, which isn't a positive thing but it also means he is not shutting the rumor down and making it sound silly. He just doesn't want to address it now.

Arsenal have reportedly offered the biggest contract in English football to try and convince Sánchez to stay, but it seems like money isn't enough for Alexis to be a Gunner for the next few years. He is also allegedly keen on moving to City and has already made up his mind about reuniting with Guardiola, so couple that with Pep's non-denial and...

Maybe it is time to start tweeting at the Manchester City account with the hashtag #AnnounceAlexis???