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Kelechi Iheanacho seems like a forgotten man, but he can still find a place in City's team

It's been a tough time for the young striker, but his international manager knows he'll fight for his spot

Burnley v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Ever since Gabriel Jesus caught fire and became Manchester City's new star, we have all talked about how that was going to affect Sergio Agüero. The rumors started again, and there is a possibility — very small, but it exists — that El Kun will be leaving the club in the summer.

We've all been wondering if Agüero and Jesus can play together, if the benching will help Agüero return to his best days or if Gabriel has taken over the starting striker spot and won't let go of it anymore. How will Agüero respond to that? How will Agüero reclaim his place on the team? It's all about Agüero and Jesus.

But how about Kelechi Iheanacho? The Nigerian striker is one of the most promising players in the world, and ever since Jesus came onto the scene, Iheanacho has literally been sent to the bottom of the pecking order. He hasn't seen a second of action and has not even sat on the bench in the last four matches, and City fans are starting to worry about Kelechi. Is he ever going to play?

Gernot Rohr, Iheanacho's coach in the Nigerian national team, is pretty confident that the 20-year-old will fight his way back to the squad:

“I am sure Kelechi will come back to this team. He’s a fighter, he has a good fighting spirit. This player is a good athlete and he has a good mind. I have spoken with him and he will come back.

He’s a young player, so sometimes he plays, sometimes he doesn’t. And for a big club like Manchester City, you can’t play all the time. I believe he will come back to play for City again.”


Rohr is completely right here. It's hard for young players to come into a big club, and it's much harder when there are so many good players in form at your position. Kelechi has a future with City, no doubt. He just needs to get better, keep fighting and scoring in his chances.

That's what he's been doing since the first time we've seen him.