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Forget the Joe Hart rumors: Arsene Wenger has no interest in Man City goalkeeper

We all knew it wasn't real, but now there is confirmation

England Training Session and Press Conference Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images

Newspapers need to be sold, sports sections of newspapers need transfer rumors to be sold, so the Daily Mail came up with a really amazingly creative transfer rumor: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger could be looking at a replacement for goalkeeper Petr Cech, and Manchester City loanee Joe Hart would be the preferred option.

Also according to report, City would be willing to sell for a cheap £15 million, which is stupid when dealing with a direct rival, but hey, that's the rumor! As stupid as it is.

Thankfully we have rational people willing to tell the truth about those rumors, and it was Arsene Wenger himself who was quick to dismiss any interest in signing Joe Hart when asked about it on Thursday's press conference:

"No, I have three world-class goalkeepers and I'm very happy with the three I have."

Source: Sky Sports

We can discuss if Wenger actually has three world-class goalkeepers, but the fact is that Cech will be his number one shot-stopper until he decides to retire, and there'd be no reason for Hart to join the club and be Cech's backup.

Next rumor?