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Ilkay Gundogan is not good at video games, like all of us

He's human!

Ilkay Gundogan suffered a serious knee injury that ruled him out for the rest of the season. The German midfielder had a wonderful start to his Manchester City career, but when he torn his ACL against Watford two months ago, his campaign was done and we were all very sad.

Gundogan is making his recovery know, slowly but surely, and days can get long when you do nothing but physical therapy all day. So what does Ilkay do with his spare time?

What all of us do: play video games. And like all of us, he's not very good:

Gundogan, like all of us, uses the "remote rust" excuse, saying that he hasn't played in a while. But the truth is that if you're good, you're good. If you're not good, you're not good. No matter how long you play or how long you go without playing, you're either good or bad at FIFA.

Good to know Ilkay is human.