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Pablo Zabaleta not worried about Sergio Agüero's attitude after being benched

"He'll be OK, he's very mature"

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Manchester City Training Session Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The Sergio Agüero Saga continues, and it's getting to the point where it's just really annoying. Two games on the bench while Gabriel Jesus is in tremendous form and cannot be dropped obviously mean that Agüero will be leaving City, right? No, wrong.

It's just two games. Even if it's three, there's nothing else happening. He's not "out of favor", and there is no chance he's leaving the club. He was injured before the FA Cup game against Crystal Palace, Pep Guardiola found a fantastic attacking trio in Jesus, Leroy Sané and Raheem Sterling, and Pep wants to keep the kids together until their level drops and Agüero can come back in. It's just that simple.

But obviously rational explanations are not important in today's world, and all we have to talk about is how Sergio Agüero is disappointed at Guardiola and how this situation, which is completely normal in professional football, is affecting him. One of Agüero's teammates and close friends at Manchester City, Pablo Zabaleta, wants you to know Agüero is being, you know, a professional about this situation.

“He’ll be OK, he’s a mature guy. Listen, years ago it was [Carlos] Tevez, [Mario] Balotelli, [Edin] Dzeko. It’s not the first time he’s been dropped. We need a strong squad to win titles.

“He’s fine. You saw when he came on against Swansea, he played really well. Football is like this, especially with the big squads where you have more than one big player in each position. I think it’s good to have two players with that quality. I think it’s always good to have healthy competition in the team. You know you have to perform well to keep your place.”

“If the manager decides to try to play them both together, they could do that but we play in a 4-3-3 with one central striker, two wingers wide. That’s why probably at the moment one of them needs to play up front on his own. I heard Gabriel can play on the left.”

Source: Telegraph

It's weird hearing someone give an actual explanation that goes beyond just "Agüero's time at City is up", isn't it?

Let's all stay calm, PLEASE.