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Here's another awesome Gabriel Jesus interview we all should be watching

You're making it easy for us to fall in love with you, kid

So Gabriel Jesus is a thing now, right? Every Manchester City fan is certainly super excited about the new signing, and it's totally justified. The 19-year-old has changed the mood at City almost by himself, and City have not lost since he made his debut against Tottenham Hotspur.

Sure, it's only been four games since Jesus first stepped into the pitch as a Citizen, but he's made such an immediate and incredible impact that he just brought the joy and the hope of good results again. This season has been so inconsistent that we needed something different, something new, something to alter the perspectives and the narratives. Gabriel Jesus has done just that.

And it's not just his amazing talents as a player, it's his personality that we enjoy so badly. Jesus is a truly humble kid, who is still in awe of everything around him and is just trying to be happy doing what he loves.

He's also still a kid from a favela in Brazil called Jardim Peri, he's really loyal to his mother and he'll always be the humble kid his mom raised him to be. This specific quality — the humility — is stamped all over his right arm, where Gabriel has done a few tattoos. He explains the ink and why he signed for City (the Pep Guardiola call is mentioned again) in the awesome video above.

It's quick, but it's great. It's Gabriel Jesus making it very easy for all of us to fall in love with him.