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Pep Guardiola praises Gabriel Jesus' talent, dedication, goals

The City manager gave credit to the young Brazilian but refused to gush excessively about individual achievements.

Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

The spotlight has officially become fixed on Manchester City’s new hero, Gabriel Jesus.

In only his second Premier League start, he scored his second and third goals for the club and single-handedly grabbed three points for the Citizens with a last-minute winner.

When asked about the young Brazilian’s brilliance, Pep Guardiola stayed cool.

“He makes a lot of things, with the ball and without the ball,” the manager noted in regard to some of Jesus’ contributions, particularly in the second half.

“He’s a guy in the box — he has an instinct to score goals", which has been obvious in every instance that the Brazilian has been involved with play.

Guardiola anticipated reporters’ curiosity about veteran striker, Sergio Agüero: “When he plays with Sergio they both play really, really well", Pep said.

In further reference to the Brazilian's qualities, the coach said, “he’s a guy who runs 90 minutes. In the long balls he’s a fighter and against taller central defenders he can win the ball and he’s only nineteen years old. He’s very hungry. He told me, ‘I never get tired.’

Guardiola has tried to keep the conversation about Jesus relatively mild. He recognizes immense talent and intelligence in the young man, but has made an effort to temper media perceptions of the Brazilian’s exceptional talents. With the amount of games to be played and the rotation of players in City’s system, the youngster is bound to find the bench on occasion.

Hopefully, the apparent joy and vitality that has accompanied Jesus' entrance to the squad continues to affect the manner in which City performs.