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Manchester City transfer target changes agent... to Pep Guardiola's brother

"Could it BE more clear?" - BING, Chandler

NK Maribor v Sporting Clube de Portugal - UEFA Champions League Photo by Samuel Kubani/EuroFootball/Getty Images

So we all know Manchester City will go through a major squad change in the summer. Almost 10 players are out of contract six months from now, and Pep Guardiola is indeed planning a big overhaul of the club. Plenty of names have been and will be linked until the players are actually signed, but we can get some tips of what's going to happen.

For instance, William Carvalho, a fantastic defensive midfielder from Sporting Clube in Portugal, has long been linked as a target for the biggest clubs in the world. José Mourinho tried to sign him for Manchester United, but couldn't. Guardiola was linked with William back in Bayern Munich, but with the amount of talented midfielders on that team, a deal never happened.

But some midfielders will be moving from City this summer, and William looks like a really good replacement and a perfect fit for Guardiola's system. He's valued at £30 million, a fee City can easily afford. There are a lot of factors that make this a good transfer: he's a great player, he's young, he's not too expensive, he's perfect for the system.

Oh, and he's now a Pere Guardiola client. Yes, you are right: Pere Guardiola is Pep Guardiola's brother. Pere is a football agent who works mainly with Spanish players, but was able to take William away from Jorge Mendes, the most powerful agent in the world. Now that Carvalho is Guardiola's brother's client, it seems pretty obvious that a move to City in the summer is now very likely.

As Chandler Bing from Friends would say: "Could it BE more clear?".