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Pep Guardiola is Very Impressed with Monaco

City have 180 minutes to secure an advance in the Champions League, but it won't be easy

Manchester City Training and Press Conference Photo by Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Pep Guardiola gave the City media a calm perspective on the upcoming Champions League challenge against AS Monaco. He wants to see the Manchester City players enjoy the experience.

“It is the most beautiful competition to play. We have to do our best. If not, we don’t have chance to get to next round. City’s recent history is quite good, but they weren't here for a long time. Europe will be analyzing us, to kill us if we don’t win.

“I am really impressed how good Monaco are. They are killers in the box. Both holding midfielders are intelligent, physical, strong.”

The manager side-stepped questions about specific training methods for players like Sergio Agüero, saying, “His talent to be there, his confidence, and how they have to move, how they have to create chances to be there, you know — it’s not to be controlled. He’s going to do that for himself. So, I’m not worried.”

On Fernandinho, Guardiola said, “Of course he’s a midfielder, a holding midfielder. But when he plays attacking midfielder he runs in behind... He can adapt to different positions. He’s intelligent enough... He’s a player who’s got a lot of qualities.”

In the Champions League, Pep continued, “on 90 minutes anything can happen. Of course, in [this competition] anyone can beat you and everybody can say 'bye, bye'. The pressure is so high."

Maybe this gives courage to City — that they can topple the Ligue 1 leaders. The Catalan manager referenced improvements in his squad and wants to see them minimize mistakes while they display their quality at a packed Etihad on Tuesday night.

“A lot of big clubs are not here. You have to live the situation like we are lucky guys.”