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Gabriel Jesus reacts to first Manchester City goal, adapting to Premier League

A special kid is very happy for his special moment

Gabriel Jesus is the next promising young Brazilian striker to have made his mark in European football. The 19-year-old scored his first Manchester City goal in his first Premier League start, and announced himself to the world.

Jesus spoke after the match, and it’s impossible to know if he has more talent than humility. Gabriel didn’t seem overwhelmed by the moment, and it’s clear he’s very happy to be at City and to be around his teammates.

Here’s his post-match interview to CityTV:

Here’s some highlights:

"I'm very happy for the goal, very happy for the performance and especially for the win. This is the spirit I think we have to have and if we keep that spirit we will be able to achieve our goals. It wasn't an easy Premier League game and we are all very happy.

"The reception from the club has been great, my teammates are helping a lot and the process of adaptation is going great. I honestly thought it would be more difficult but thanks to my family, my friends and my teammates it's going really well.

"I always said I came here to help but I have also been helped. We understand each other very well, Sterling, Leroy and the rest of my teammates. We get along very well on the pitch and that is making my game easier."

Source: The Independent