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Kevin De Bruyne says Manchester City can still catch Chelsea: “Football is a little crazy”

Indeed it is!

West Ham United v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Even though Manchester City dominated, destroyed, annhilated, ran over, steamrolled past West Ham United, they’re still 10 points behind Chelsea with 15 games left to go in the Premier League season. It’s a little difficult to imagine the Citizens having a real shot at the title especially because the London Blues just don’t seem to lose anymore.

But this is a crazy sport, and it was hard to imagine at the start of the season that Chelsea, a struggling team that didn’t know its best formation, would be at the top with such a giant gap above everyone else. It was also hard to predict a City team that won 10 games in a row to start the season would go into such a run of inconsistency that would have them fighting for an Europa League place.

Yet, this is a crazy sport, and anything can happen. City now look good again, and one of the team’s best players will not give up on the trophy just yet:

“Football can go a little crazy sometimes. [Chelsea] are far ahead but even if you lose three games and win three games you are there. So three games out of the 17 is nothing.

“So we just have to do our thing and not look at what Chelsea and the others are doing. If we win our games we will have a good place and hopefully the best possible.

“We are going to try. In the Premier League you have to be there every week. All the injured players are coming bad which I am very happy about as we have a lot of games with the league and Champions League.

“And we will need everyone. It will be very important to have series of wins to put pressure on the rest.”

Kevin De Bruyne, source: Mirror

Pablo Zabaleta expressed a similar belief in City’s title chances, but they’ll need to go on a run of consecutive victories similar to Chelsea’s 13-win streak earlier in the season, while playing in the Champions League and trying to go as far as possible in Europe. Chelsea only need to worry about the Premier League, and they look as strong as any previous champion.

Still, football can be a little crazy.