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Sergio Agüero or Gabriel Jesus? What's the ideal team? Pep Guardiola's new dilemma

As the Blues seek to regain a top spot, the City coaching staff has to manage a locker-room crowded with experience and talent.

West Ham United v Manchester City - Premier League
After a slow first 10’, Manchester City turned up the heat on West Ham and never looked back during a 4-0 victory.
Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

According to Pep Guardiola, Manchester City opponents will have to figure out how to contain Gabriel Jesus and Sergio Agüero.

Of course, with the transfer window closed, there will be no changes to the City squad but Wednesday’s powerful win over West Ham United has renewed debate over Sergio Agüero’s future with the club.

"They can play together,” Guardiola told reporters after the match. “Agüero is so important for us. He knows and everyone knows we cannot succeed without his contributions.

"I sit with my staff and we take the decisions, and it depends on the performance of the past.”

The City coaches have multiple options in every area of the pitch, as seen in the rotation of defensive personnel and the decision to use Yaya Touré as the sole holding midfielder instead of Fernandinho against the Hammers.

Pep explained the value of a stacked squad in reference to the Cityzen’s hectic schedule.

“In this crazy calendar it is impossible to play with the same players all the time.

“Today I am going to sleep well and decide in the future. It is not an easy decision but it is not easy for three or four guys who stay in Manchester, that is more difficult because I have 22 or 23 guys and they all deserve to play.”

For the amount of scrutiny and pressure that Guardiola has endured as the team develops, he deserves a good night’s sleep. Although he has difficult decisions to make, City’s options will allow players to motivate each other while also getting crucial rest.

Despite accusations that his tinkering with the squad caused confusion and subpar performances, the rotation of players seems to reflect an element of compassion, in addition to practicality.

"I try to be fair, but I am unfair to all of them because they all deserve to play."