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Pep Guardiola not thinking about the Premier League title: "The gap is too big"

The Manchester City manager is not interested in title talk

AFC Bournemouth v Manchester City - Premier League Photo by Michael Steele/Getty Images

It is undeniable that Manchester City have improved drastically in the last few weeks. The team is unbeaten in five and just won their fourth straight match away to AFC Bournemouth on Monday night, and with a consistent number of good performances, it seems like this team is ready to take the next step.

City sit in second place in the Premier League table, eight points behind Chelsea, and with 13 matches to go, it seems like the Blues from Stamford Bridge will take the trophy home. We all thought the same back in 2011 when Manchester United were up eight points on City, and then Sergio Agüero scored that goal against QPR.

We never know what's happening in football. City can still make a late title push, and given they still face Chelsea, the possibility of winning the league, although it's a small one, is real.

But Pep Guardiola is not buying into any title talk. For him, Chelsea are just too good, and City have lots to improve, even during this positive run of form.

"The gap is still so long, so you do not expect them [Chelsea] to lose games and it is so, so difficult to win all the games. So the gap is too, too big. [At Burnley Chelsea] did not win, but they played so solid, so it is so difficult to create chances.

"So the important thing is to focus, from the last month and a half we have talked about that - just focus on our game, game by game, and improve our performance.

"And my feeling is that in the last games, our performance is much, much, much better. The only regret [against Bournemouth] is we created so many chances and it is so important to score goals. But in general I am so, so happy for the performance."

Source: Sky Sports

We shouldn't think title, but City have been playing some encouraging stuff lately, and with 13 games still to go, we shouldn't give up. Who knows what will happen.

Game by game, though.