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Vincent Kompany continues to fight through injuries to make Manchester City a better team

The club captain is an amazing competitor, and he'll never give up on being ready to play

Crystal Palace v Manchester City - The Emirates FA Cup Fourth Round Photo by Steve Bardens/Getty Images

Vincent Kompany could still be, to this day, the best defender in the world. He was as good as any center-back during his best years at Manchester City and the Belgian national team, but then the physical problems started to pile up. Kompany has now undergone treatment for over 30 injuries over the last two and a half years, but he keeps on coming back time after time.

Kompany is still 30 years old, and if he can find a way to be healthy for a long time, he can still be a pretty strong defender. He showed all of his best skills when he returned against Crystal Palace in the FA Cup two weeks ago, and the captain is ready to play whenever Pep Guardiola needs him, which could happen on Monday's Premier League match against AFC Bournemouth.

The Belgian is now looking to stay healthy through the rest of the season, and he hopes to make City a better team, a team that could find success in England and in Europe.

"I want to stay fit but I want to keep improving. Very few know how many hours I put into coming back every single time.

"I think it is only when people see me back in training they realise, 'he is still running well, he is still mobile, he is still strong'. People don't understand you need to fight every single day against what happens when people get injured.

"It gives me a chance to come back into the team, to be in contention and help make a team stronger that is already one of the best in Europe. I am there now and I want to stay in this team as long as I can, I really enjoy it."

Source: Sky Sports

You're a hero, Cap. Keep fighting.